Senior Data Analyst/Scientist

We are looking for an experienced Senior Data Analyst / Scientist who can help us leverage our data to create actionable insights, informative reports and dashboards, and predictive machine learning and AI models.

At Skymetrix, our vision is to power the aviation industry to sustainable growth. Our state-of-the-art cloud-based platform gives airlines a new way to improve fuel and cost management and delivers benefits that are critical success factors for any aviation business.

To further our growth, we are looking for a Senior Data Analyst/Scientist (m/w/d*) for 40 hours per week to join our software team.

*As a company headquartered in Germany, we adhere to the ‘Third Gender Law’. We recognize that a strong team is borne out of diversity, formed by people with different qualities and capabilities.

About the role

As Senior Data Analyst/Scientist, you will help us leverage our data to create actionable insights, informative reports and dashboards, and predictive machine learning and AI models to drive enhancements to our product offerings.

You will be responsible for analysing and interpreting data using statistical, mathematical, and logical operations, to discover patterns, trends, and insights. You will then need to communicate the significance and implications of these to stakeholders and customers, through reports, visualizations, and presentations.

You will use machine learning and AI modelling to learn from data and predict future events that can enhance our solutions. 

We are looking for someone with an inventive mind, strong technical knowledge and skills, as well as the ability to clearly communicate with a range of stakeholders. We need you to help us get the most value from our data.

Your responsibilities

  • Design, implement, and maintain analytics, data mining and machine learning systems to solve business problems and enhance our solutions
  • Work with the product team and other stakeholders to understand requirements for data analytics, data reporting and predictive machine learning solutions
  • Apply analytical techniques to discover patterns, trends, opportunities, and actionable insights in complex datasets
  • Communicate the findings to stakeholders and customers using reports, rich visualizations, dashboards, and presentations
  • Apply machine learning and AI modelling to predict future events and trends that can be used to add value to our product offerings and solve problems for our customers
  • Ensure our data analytics solutions are performant, scalable, cost effective, reliable, secure, and fit for purpose
  • Ensure data quality by data cleaning, and identifying errors and inconsistencies in data, removing them, and improving data accuracy and reliability.


  • Five or more years of professional experience as a data analyst / scientist
  • University degree in a related discipline
  • Excellent SQL skills and experience with relational databases
  • Excellent Python skills and experience with relevant libraries
  • Familiarity with Cloud Platforms and the data related technologies available
  • Experience of data visualisation / BI tools; data mining tools, technologies, and best practices; and agile software development and practices
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, especially explaining technical concepts to nontechnical stakeholders
  • Ability to take initiative, and to adapt quickly to change.

Location and reporting

  • Ideally, this role will be based in Dublin, Ireland. Alternatively, it could be based in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • You will report to Software Team Management

What's in it for you?

  • Competitive Compensation: We offer a competitive salary package commensurate with your skills and experience, recognizing the value you bring to the organization.
  • Impactful Role: As the Senior Data Analyst/Scientist, you will help us get the most value from our data and enhance our solutions.
  • Growth Potential: With our ambitious expansion plans and a focus on sustainable growth, you will have ample opportunities to advance your career and broaden your skill set within a dynamic and innovative organization.
  • Cutting-Edge Solutions: Skymetrix provides industry-leading airline fuel, cost, and crew management solutions, enabling you to work with cutting-edge technology and stay at the forefront of innovation in the aviation industry.
  • Collaborative Environment: You will join a diverse and highly collaborative team where ideas are encouraged, and your contributions will be valued. We foster a culture of teamwork and support, providing a stimulating and engaging work environment.
  • Meaningful Work: By contributing to the optimization of airline operations, you will play a crucial role in enhancing safety, efficiency, and profitability for our customers, making a meaningful impact on the aviation industry as a whole.

Join our team at Skymetrix and embark on an exciting journey where your expertise, ambition, and dedication will be rewarded while making a lasting impact in the ever-evolving world of aviation.

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Group 32


Senior Data Analyst/Scientist

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