One platform for
fuel and cost management

Our state-of-the-art, cloud-based platform puts airlines in control of their key direct operating costs: Fuel, Airport, Navigation, Ground Handling and more. With one accurate picture of flight charges and costs, your teams can make better strategic and operational decisions.

One accurate picture of flight charges and costs


Get total control over every aspect of fuel operations.


Manage complex airport charges and contracts effortlessly.

Ground Handling

Stay on top of your ground handling contracts and SLAs.


Easily track and verify all navigation charges.



Ground Handling



Get total control of fuel

Stay on top of one of your biggest expenses

Skymetrix centralizes all your fuel and flight data so you get one accurate picture of fuel demand, consumption and spend. Optimised workflows and automation of routine tasks helps you drive efficiency through your entire procure-to-pay process.

Fuel Solutions

Our platform supports you with the complete fuel management cycle, from supply planning through to invoicing and payments.

Supply planning

Create more accurate demand forecasts and budgets more quickly using automated tools. Take control of available location fuel supplies to ensure there are no shortages.  


Optimize your processes for faster, more transparent tenders. Easily manage complex pricing structures for contracts and automatically update index-linked prices.

Fuel operations

Tightly control your internal supply with automatic tracking of fuel movements in and out of storages. Easily forecast and monitor quantities and costs.

Flight operations

Easily monitor fuel usage with automatic imports of flight events, fuel tickets and fuel messages. Make better tankering decisions based on up-to-date location prices. 

Invoicing & payments

Whether you are buying, selling or wet-leasing, you can save time and increase accuracy by automating invoice verification, payment approval, accrual generation and period closing reports.


Easily forecast, track and report on your emissions, using actual fuel and flight data. Our platform is compliant with all emissions schemes. 

Supply chain

Track fuel movements through your entire supply chain, even for complicated supply scenarios involving pipelines, trucks, barges and trains.

Specialist features

We also have specialist features for businesses that resell fuel and those that need to transfer the cost on to subsidiaries or aircraft operators (billback).

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Manage complex charges easily

Reduce your workload

Skymetrix takes the pain out of managing airport charges. It can handle supplier contracts with even the most complex pricing structures, and automatically updates rates and calculates costs so you don’t have to.

Airport Solutions

We transform your approach to managing airport charges, with next-level solutions for planning, contract management, operations, and payments.


Accurately forecast airport charges for single routes or a full network, and use our scenario analysis tools to prepare for all eventualities.

Contracts & prices

Store and manage all your supplier contracts with ease, no matter how complex the pricing structures. Opt for automated price updates for complete peace of mind.


Track all flights, events and conditions that affect airport costs so that you can easily verify invoices later.  

Invoicing & payments

Save time and eliminate overspend with automated processes that import and check all the invoices related to airport charges. 

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Ground Handling

Track contract spend and performance

Contract management simplified

Get control over your multiple contracts and SLAs for ground handling services, with efficient data collection, automatic cost calculations and detailed insights.

Ground Handling

You can forecast, track and verify your ground handling charges more accurately and efficiently with Skymetrix. Save yourself time while gaining a better view of supplier performance. 


Pre-calculate ground handling costs and budgets more easily using existing contractual and operational data. 

Contracts & prices

Store your agreed terms and pricing in one system, then link to your operational data to monitor supplier performance.


Track all flights, events and conditions that affect ground handling charges, so you are always on top of the costs. 

Invoicing & payments

Reduce your workload by automating invoice verification, payment approval, accrual generation and period closing reports.

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Navigation Solutions

When it comes to managing navigation charges, our platform supports you with every aspect: planning, price management, operations and payments.


Plan navigation costs and budgets more easily with our automated calculations and scenario projection tools.

Contracts & prices

Store all the pricing rules for overflight fees in the platform, for quick calculations


Track all flights, routes and events that affect navigation costs. This makes invoice verification a breeze.

Invoicing & payments

Save time with automated invoice collection and verification. Reduce your overspend by keeping track of discrepancies and disputed costs.

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Platform features

Next-level transparency and efficiency

As well as our specific solutions for each direct operating cost, we also have powerful, platform-wide applications. These improve transparency and efficiency across your airline, unlocking the value of your data and making it easier for you to comply and collaborate.

Route profitability

Easily view the profitability of your airline and each route, so you can make better strategic decisions. The platform analyzes gigabytes of cost and revenue data to give you 100% transparency.


Unlock actionable insights from your data with our powerful analytics application. Drag and drop widgets to build your own dashboards and reports, so you can easily monitor KPIs.


Our platform easily integrates with your other third-party or in-house systems, including those used for flight planning, accounting, market data, flight charges and more.



Unlock new efficiencies in your emissions reporting process. Provide verification bodies with secure access to the system so they can check and comment on your annual reports.

Audit trails

Our platform has configurable audit trails, so compliance is built in through every stage of every process. All calculations and decisions are logged and available for scrutiny


With our configurable workflows and user-based permissions, you can ensure critical processes are followed correctly by authorized personnel only.



Automatically exchange fuel tender communications and data with your suppliers so you can run more efficient tenders with less admin. Our system uses industry vetted standards like IATA XML.


Exchange electronic fuel transactions with suppliers, resellers and IPL agents, to save time and reduce disputes. Our system uses industry vetted standards like IATA XML.


Simplify the transmission of electronic invoices and improve processing times. Our platform uses industry vetted standards like IATA XML, which makes it easier to connect with multiple supplier systems.
White Paper

Next-level cost reduction: your route to success

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Inside, we outline how digitized processes and new fuel and cost management technology can help airlines to improve control of these costs. 


“Since the pandemic, cost management has become even more critical for survival. By having a single view of all your costs, and really understanding where you are making or losing money, you can make fact-based decisions with an immediate impact on the bottom line.”

Michael Charalambous
Chief Commercial Officer

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