Security and Trust Center 

Our proactive approach to information security sets us apart from other software vendors.

Information is a valuable asset that needs protection

We firmly believe that our information – just like all our other assets – needs to be protected in a proactive way. This includes the information that our customers store in the Skymetrix platforms.

The following six pillars help us deliver on this commitment:

Information Security team

We have a team solely dedicated to information security, which proactively identifies and mitigates risks. This team focuses on the organizational and technical aspects of information security, and has full support from the Skymetrix management team.

Customer trust

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful partnership. We offer our customers transparency around security, reliable support, and regular communications.

Improving security posture

We use the gold-standard for building a cybersecurity program, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, to continually assess and improve our security posture, from cybersecurity ratings to threat exposure management.

See our latest security information

Visit UpGuard to see the latest assessment of our company’s security posture and download important documents, including security questionnaires.

Achieving compliance

Adhering to industry-standard best practices to achieve compliance is reassuring to our customers. Skymetrix is currently SOC 2 Type II compliant and actively engaged to be ISO27001:2022 certified.

Security by design

We adopt the ‘security by design’ approach, which means building products with security in mind from the very start. This leads to more secure operations, products, and services; cleaner code and fewer reworks; and more time for innovation.

Third-party security

Skymetrix has developed a risk-based assessment practice, performing due diligence and continuous monitoring for its sub-service providers.